Dr. Michael L. Klein


Michael Klein

Dean, College of Science and Technology

Laura H.Carnell Professor of Science

B.Sc, University of Bristol, UK (1961)
Ph.D., University of Bristol, UK (1964)

Bio Life Science Building

Rm. 106


Department of Chemistry
Beury Hall 130
1901 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


office: 215-204-4212
fax: 215-204-1532

lab: 215-204-1927

email: mlklein@temple.edu




Theory / Simulation / Modeling


2009-Director, Temple Institute for Computational Molecular Science

2009-Carnell Professor, College of Science & Technology, Temple University

1994-2009 Director, Penn Center for Molecular Modeling

1993-2009 Director, Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter

1993-2009 Hepburn Professor of Physical Science, University of Pennsylvania

1987- Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

1968-87 Associate, Senior, & Principal Research Officer,

Chemistry Division, NRCC, Ottawa, Canada

Awards and Honors

2009 National Academy of Sciences

2008 American Chemical Society – Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry

2008 University of Oxford –  Hinshelwood Lecturer

2008 Honorary Fellow, Chemical Research Society of India

2006 Chemical Research Society of India – CNR Rao Award

2005 Honorary Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences – Bangalore

2005 Honorary Member, Materials Research Society of India

2004 European Physical Society, CECAM Prize for Computational Science

2004 Associate of TWAS, Academy of Sciences of the Developing World

2003 Fellow, Royal Society of London

2003 Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences

2003 Fellow, Institute of Physics UK

2003 Schlumberger Professor, Universities of Oxford & Cambridge, UK

1999 American Physical Society, Aneesur Rahman Prize Computational Physics

1998 American Chemical Society, Philadelphia Section Award

1998 Linnett Professorship, University of Cambridge, UK

1998 Honorary Fellow Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK

1997 Miller Professorship, University of California, Berkeley

1996 Alexander von Humboldt Award, Max-Planck-Institute, Stuttgart

1993 Hepburn Professor of Physical Science, University of Pennsylvania

1991-93 William Smith Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

1991 Fellow American Physical Society

1989 Guggenheim Fellow

1988 Néel Professor, École Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France

1985 Fellow Commoner, Trinity College Cambridge, UK

1984 Fellow Royal Society of Canada 

Publications: 570 papers and 4 books (Edited); Hirsch Index, h=74 


Cyberinfrastructure NSF Blue Ribbon Panel (2001-2003; D. Atkins, Chair)


Chemistry at the Centre International Review UK Chemical Sciences (2002; G. Whitesides, Chair)


New Science for a Sustainable & Secure Energy Future (2008; BESAC sub-committee report)


Chemistry for the Next Decade International Review UK Chemical Research (2009; M.L. Klein, Chair)


see also: http://www.rsc.org/Education/EiC/issues/2009July/Endpoint.asp 

Selected Publications

“Quantum character of a proton in a hydrogen bond” M.E. Tuckerman,  D. Marx, M.L. Klein, M. Parrinello, Science 275, 817-820 (1997).

“Assessment of all-atom potentials for modeling membranes: MD simulations of solid & liquid alkanes and crystals of phospholipid fragments” D.J. Tobias, K. Tu, M.L. Klein, J. Chem Phys. 94, 1482-1502 (1997).

“Molecular dynamics simulation of a synthetic ion channel” Q. Zhong, Q. Jiang, P.B. Moore, D.M. Newns, M.L. Klein, Biophys J. 74, 3-10 (1998).

“Molecular dynamics study of the LS3 voltage-gated ion channel” Q. Zhong, P.B. Moore, D.M. Newns, M.L. Klein, FEBS Lett. 427, 267-270 (1998).

“Molecular dynamics simulations of the influenza a virus M2 ion channel in a membrane-mimetic environment” Q. Zhong, T. Husslein, D. Newns, M L. Klein, FEBS Letters 434, 265-271 (1998).

“Molecular dynamics simulation of a synthetic four-α-helix bundle that binds the anesthetic halothane” L.A. Davis, M.L. Klein, D. Scharf, FEBS Lett. 455, 332-338 (1999).

“Molecular dynamics simulations of supported phospholipid/alkanethiol bilayers on a Gold(111) surface” M. Tarek, K. Tu, M.L. Klein, D.J. Tobias, Biophys. J. 77, 964-972 (1999).

“Molecular dynamics study of lipid-DNA complexes” S. Bandyopadhyay, M. Tarek and M.L. Klein, J. Phys. Chem. B 103, 10075-10080 (1999).

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“Two possible conducting states of the influenza a virus M2 ion channel” Q. Zhong, D.M. Newns, P. Pattnaik, J.D. Lear, M.L. Klein, FEBS Letters 473, 195-198 (2000).

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“Water on the move” M.L. Klein, Science 291, 2106 (2001).

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“Influence of anesthetic and nonimmobilizer molecules on the physical properties of a polyunsaturated lipid bilayer” L. Koubi, L. Saiz, M. Tarek, D. Scharf, M.L. Klein, J. Phys. Chem. B. 107, 14500-14508 (2003).

“Characterization of the dizinc analogue of the synthetic diiron protein DF1 using ab initio and hybrid quantum/classical molecular dynamics simulations” A. Magistrato, W.F. DeGrado, A. Laio, U. Rothlisberger, J. VandeVondele, M.L. Klein, J. Phys. Chem. B 107, 4182-4188 (2003).

“Probing the configurational space of a metalloprotein core: An ab initio molecular dynamics study of Duo Ferro 1 Binuclear Zn Cofactor” G.A. Papoian, W. F. DeGrado, M.L. Klein, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125, 560-569 (2003).

“Transmembrane peptide-induced lipid sorting and mechanism of Lx-to-inverted phase transition using coarse grain molecular dynamics” S.O. Nielsen, C.F. Lopez, I. Ivanov, P.B. Moore, J.C. Shelley, M.L. Klein Biophys. J. 87, 2107-2115 (2004).

“Controlling the conformation of arylamides: computational studies of intramolecular hydrogen bonds between amides and ethers or thioethers” R.J. Doerksen, B. Chen, D.Liu, G.N. Tew, W.F. DeGrado, M.L. Klein, Chem. Eur. J. 10, 5008-5016 (2004).

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