William M. Wuest 


Assistant Professor

B.S. (2003) University of Notre Dame

Ph.D. (2008) University of Pennsylvania

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow (2008-2011), Harvard Medical School

Beury Hall Rm. 448


Department of Chemistry

Beury Hall 130
1901 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

office: 215-204-7167
fax: 215-204-1532








Research Interests


Antibacterial resistance has increased exponentially over the past two decades while the number of new antibiotics with unique modes of action has decreased. My group will examine the new avenues for drug design by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach involving both organic chemistry and biology. More specifically, we will synthesize compounds that can act as both inhibitors and probes and investigate how they affect chemical signaling in pathogenic bacteria. This approach should identify new biological targets and compounds for antibacterial drug discovery.


For more details and images see our research page.


Selected Publications


Imker, H.J.; Walsh, C.T.; Wuest, W.M. "SylC Catalyzes Ureido-Bond Formation During Biosynthesis of the Proteasome Inhibitor Syringolin A." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009. 131, 18263.


Wuest, W.M.; Sattely, E.S.; Walsh, C.T. "Three Siderophores from One Bacterial Enzymatic Assembly Line." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009. 131, 5056.


Smith III, A.B.; Cox, J.M.; Furuichi, N.; Kenesky, C.S.; Zheng, J.; Atasoylu, O.; Wuest, W.M. "Evolution of Multi-Component Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC): Construction of Architecturally Complex Natural and Unnatural Products." Org. Lett. 2008. 45, 5883.


Smith III, A.B.; Kim, W.S.; Wuest, W.M.; "Ortho-TMS Benzaldehyde: an Effective Linchpin for Type II Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC)." Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008. 47, 7082.


Carney, J.M.; Donoghue, P.J.; Wuest, W.M.; Wiest, O.; Helquist, P. "Intramolecular Hydroamination of Aminoalkynes with Silver Phenanthroline Catalysts." Org. Lett. 2008. 10, 3903.